The Dream I Never Had

I had a plan for 2016. Graduate in September, look for a Masters program to start by September/October as a means to stay busy while I process my job applications to the country I plan to move to, travel to a new country/city once a month, do better with my businesses, get better with my spiritual life before the end of the year and finally, grow with my partner. That was the plan until 2016 started to unfold in a different way. The first half was a rollercoaster, things got extremely shaky and I didn't know then, that it was in preparation for the second half. Half of my plans went [...]

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TMNS: Envy

This TMNS topic was originally planned for last Saturday. My devotional was talking about envy and when I got on Instagram, I also saw a few posts about envy and I figured those were signs for me to talk about envy on the blog until my internet data decided to have a mind of it's own and ruined my parade. Back to the topic of discussion for the day, let's dissect Envy. I remember when I was younger, I had this book titled "Seven Deadly Sins". I can't remember the content fully but Envy, a.k.a covetousness, was one of the deadly sins. Envy can be a result of yearning for other's possessions [...]

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I should probably change my name to Dedun Unlimited according to what someone commented under a post celebrating me. So these past few days have been somewhat shocking/surprising. I was so busy on Saturday I didn't even pay attention to my phone. As I was about to leave my town for the airport, I charged up my phone and turned it on, only to be welcomed with numerous dms, comments, tags and followers. Bruh I was shook. Wetin happen? Anyway, it turned out my story went viral on IG and everyone was inspired by my story. After replying a long series of questions, most people wanted to know how I can [...]

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TMNS: Gifts & Works Of The Holy Spirit

Not so long ago I found this note where I had written a few sermons from church from ages ago. I read through it and I felt the content of today's post will benefit someone, I hope so. We've heard many times how the Holy Spirit works and the kind of gifts we can get when He's in us. I will outline them just as I wrote them when it was preached. Works of The Holy SpiritHe convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgement. If you have accepted the Lord as your Savior, you'll have the portion of the holy spirit with you always. Can you differentiate between your conscience and the holy [...]

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Accepting Disappointments

I won't lie to you guys, I've not been in the best of moods since I got back from my trip. I wish I knew why but let's blame hormones, I really pray I'm not like this when I'm pregnant because I hate this mood. So I know I missed yesterday's post, I actually wanted to write something and it was in the line of canceling the Guest Post slot for Mondays. I thought about it again and didn't put anything up so I don't sound like a broken record always apologizing. Hopefully this will be the last time I will apologize for not posting anything when I know you, my [...]

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I’ve Identified The Problem, NOW WHAT?

Back at it with TMNS, I've had this in my draft for over a year! Can you believe that? As much as this post is for my readers, I'm also writing it for me. So many times we struggle with solving a problem, eventually give up and adjust to it. The ideal scenario is to eliminate the problem and over time, I've come to realize that some things are better tackled with immediate effect than stalling. Have you ever had a problem you tried to solve and when it got impossible to solve, you didn't give up per say, but procrastinated the time you'd devote to solving the said problem? I [...]

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Seeking People’s Approval

A lot of us sometimes don't know we do this but subconsciously, we crave for words of affirmation from others, especially from people that don't understand us and our journey. At my event, I talked about habits and seeking people's approval is one of the bad habits common amongst young people.There was a particular time I needed to do something important but I wasn't sure if it was the right way to do it. So I thought to myself, let me tell a couple of people about it to seek their approval or dismissal. It turned out that the three people I asked, dismissed it and gave more negatives than positives. [...]

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Woke up this morning thinking of what today's TMNS topic will be. Checked my email then saw this mail I got from the creator of the 10 Day Blog challenge I partook in. Imagine me scrolling down to see my name on the list of winners! Ah are you kidding me? I won something? That has never happened to me mainly because I don't even subscribe to giveaways or play lotto in the first place. The challenge was something new for me and I didn't partake for any win. I did it because I wanted more content on the blog and to see if blogging twice daily will grow the blog.If [...]

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Dangers of “If” Prayers

On Friday when all my hopes got shattered with just one phone call, I started asking God why and all that jazz we always ask Him when we are disappointed. Fast forward to Saturday, I was about to mutter an "if" prayer and the Holy spirit just told me to stop it. Then wise nuggets started dropping. Let me write them just as they were dropped.Why are you giving God a condition?Do you know how to tell the difference between God's answered prayer and otherwise?Do you know satan is also listening to the prayer? Are you truly mentally ready for the answer to that prayer?I will give a vivid example of a [...]

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Tongues and Gossips

The tongue is the most poisonous thing. Sure you are wondering why I am calling God's creation poisonous, well the tongue is not poisonous except you make it so. That is where the gift of choice comes in. God has given us the gift to choose between good and evil. The tongue becomes extremely poisonous when you choose to use it for "bad-will". The source of what we say with it is always from the heart. If you are bitter down there, you tend to always say ridiculous and mean things with your tongue. You find it hard to say good things because you feel nobody deserves it at that particular moment of [...]

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