2016, Lessons Learnt!

I didn't have any plan to write any closing post but suddenly felt the need to at the last minute. 2016 has been full of wows and it's shocking how almost everyone I know have similar tales about the year. I remember my early blogging years how I wrote down every thing I was grateful for, for the year but this year, I'm doing things differently and I will write about lessons I learnt in 2016. Before I go into that, I just want to briefly thank God for my successful completion of Medical School, quick enrollment in my dream Msc, My family, and all the miracles and good shocking news [...]

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All A Man Wants For Christmas: Chapter 4

You can read Chapter One, Two and Three "…you’re the embodiment of that world. You love it, it’s food and drink to you, it’s your whole life.  (he again made a movement to speak and was stopped by her raised hand) "But that’s only part of why I have to leave. You’re surrounded by women who see you as the means to get into the business. Beautiful women – talented, young, ambitious… and we’ve laughed in the past at what some of them will do to get your attention. I’ve been there when you’ve been blatantlypropositioned. I know how far some of them will go. I didn’t like it then and I still don't like it."(she was trembling and took a sip [...]

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All A Man Wants For Christmas: Chapter 3

Chapter One and Two.....…And when he turned her chin to face him she didn’t resist as his lips claimed hers. It was a slow and sensual kiss, leisurely, not the hard possessive onslaught she’d half been expecting and it took all her willpower not to respond to the magic of his lips.Zeke: "I see… do you think you can keep it up?"  (his body warmth reached outto her, as she swallowed hard and muttered)Mandy: "I don’t know what you mean?"Zeke: (he smiled faintly) "Of course you don’t" (he leaned forward again and kissed her thoroughly with enjoyment and by the time he finished, she was not only trembling with desire but was also kissing him back) "There." (his voice was very soft as he tilted [...]

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All A Man Wants For Christmas: Chapter Two

Chapter One ..........She tried to keep her voice from betraying her when she said....Mandy: "I’m sorry I was late but it was unavoidable"Zeke: "Really? I would like to know what was more important than my production Miss Brown. I presume it was nothing less than a life-or-death matter?"Mandy: "Death actually" (she said in a hostile voice)Zeke: "I’m sorry" (his eyes had narrowed as he’d stared at her more intently before sitting down once more)Backstage, a couple of the other dancers she knew gathered around her and she filled them in on what happened as they all waited to find out their fate.Katie: "A cat?" (A tall redhead who was easily the most ambitious person [...]

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All A Man Wants For Christmas: Chapter One

How could you have longed for something with all your heart, lived through endless minutes, hours, days and weeks anticipating the moment it happened, and be numbingly terrified when it finally happened?(At the Hospital)Mandy shut her eyes tightly, wrinkling her face as she told herself to get control, she could do this…she slowly unclenched her hands which had been fist at her sides and opened her eyes. The small room which had been one of four, off the main ward had been home for three months since the accident. She remembered the damage she had done to her spine and leg one morning when she stepped in front of a lorry, wasn’t going [...]

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For the Sake of Social Media

I won't be the first to write about this topic neither will I be the last so if my points seem over beaten to you, sorry. I'm sharing this with readers that are curious about this Social Media Age. There are loads of perils of Social Media (hereafter labelled SM) and just like every other thing, there are also good parts to it. I've come to understand that this current generation, my generation, have abused the use of SM to the point that it's now a downward spiral unless you break out of the stereotypic way to use SM. Let me start with the dangers then end with the pros.Dangers of [...]

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The Confession: Part 4

From the very beginning..."I...wa-as..." I froze unable to complete my statementI tried looking up. It felt surreal.I felt somewhat pressured.Sophia and few other College Press Club members courteously videoed and followed the incident.I stood akimbo facing the fearfully dreaded panel of  lecturers."I was...well it all started when I declined Bukky's birthday party invitation during my first year because it fell during the examination week"(A furious looking Bukky couldn't contain her anger as she picks up her book from her backpack."Nobody declines my invitation." She was bitter"She should count herself lucky I even invited her. Shey na she be the only serious student abi?"she kept thinking to herself. Bukky couldn't wait to tell [...]

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Dr Dedun Featured and Interviewed. Yay!

I'm wondering why I never posted this on the blog. I think it's because most of my readers are either on my personal Facebook or Page. So some weeks ago, I was published on two amazing platforms, Pulse Ng and Stella Dimorkorkus' Blog. I was also privileged to be interviewed on Africa Business Radio. I'm grateful for these opportunities and if you are yet to read the articles and listen to the interviews, I will post the links below. African Perspective: A Phenomenal Woman - Dr Dedun (The Radio Interview)Pulse Ng: Meet the 24yr old Nigerian who finished Med School whilst running four businessesStella Dimoko Korkus: Dr Adedunmola Oluwo, The small town [...]

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The Confession: Part 3

Mr Maxwell stood lifeless facing the large window in his officeI entered still looking mournful.There was a long silence and my heartbeat was unstable. I was really nervous."Miss Igwe" he called in a surprisingly calm toneMr Maxwell was certainly known to be a man of action. He indeed was."A report has reached us from your classmate and..." He turned around. I was looking at the table.There was nothing fascinating about the table. It was just a table with files on it. I couldn't look up!"and from the evidence I saw this morning I have to say it has some element of truth. What do you have to say?""No-o" I panicked ''I have to say I was [...]

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The Confession: Part 2

I felt a rush of cold air all through my body. My face was still literally on fire.I was shouting in pains.In panic, Bukky covered my mouth, helped me up and together we both made our way through the back door into the distance.Soon, we all got into the vehicle and drove off'This has never happened before. Ever!'Bukky was terribly disturbed"There would be a lot of questioning in school tomorrow." It didn't take long for me to recall I forgot my broken glasses on the floor. I was also quiet certain  Bukky didn't lock up Mr Maxwell's office.I became disturbed too"I don't want anyone of you to betray anyone of us. We [...]

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