Souled Song: Thank You For Being God – Travis Greene

I remember when I came across the amazing artist, Travis Greene, I was blown away by the depth of the song I heard, Made A Way - Travis Greene that I had to download his album. I've been glued to that album ever since and is definitely a top one in my playlist. Today, I will be sharing another amazing song by him, Thank you for being God. It's a pretty simple song with repetitive lyrics but the message is that we thank God for His mighty unchangeable ways. "You're too big for errorsYou're too wise for mistakesYou are a mighty GodPerfect in all your ways.You were here before my first breath,And you'll be [...]

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Souled song: Tim’ba – Tosin Martins

Hi people. How have you been? No really, step back for a moment and think about it. I do hope you've been doing well and you have every reason to smile. This post is a short one. Have you heard this song by Tosin Martins? Here's a listen. This is a song of gratitude. It captures (to an extent) my words at the moment. Another song that does that is Onise Iyanu (Dedun featured it here), in fact the mix of that song and You are God (done here). I hope you enjoy the song just like I do. Have yourself an amazing weekend. Jesus joy, Dew (I apologise on Dedun's behalf for [...]

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Souled Song: In Your Presence – Jesus Culture

This afternoon I was in need of worship songs, my spirit man was a bit down and I needed something to uplift me. I've been home all day and could have posted this ages ago but aside from not knowing the song to write about, I just was not in the mood. I was supposed to be at the last day of a conference, ELC, but I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Anyway, so I remembered this song, it was my go to song back in June when I started the marathon to get closer to God. Then I got to watch Jesus Culture live and [...]

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Souled Song: Abeg – Wati

Hello Hello!How has your week been? I hope its been amazing. I trust those here in Debrecen are already in the holiday mood: shout out to the long weekend! Whatever it is (weekend or holiday), I pray you have an amazing one. Today's 'souled song' is a quick one.Ever heard of Wati? So this is not a sponsored post but wow! Its a heart cry to God and we know He hears us. Here's a part of the chorus you can take good note of:                       Jesu as I draw near to You, abeg make you draw near to me      [...]

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Souled Song: Saints & Sinners – Monica

For starters, I love Monica but I really wasn't keeping up with her songs until this year. I like the album that has today's song, it's called Code Red. Why do I like this song? In simple words, it relates with how God makes us sinners, saints through His grace and mercy. Couldn't find a video with lyrics so please use this link for the lyrics. "Guide my heart, hold my hand, as I try to walk the path.So much potential, so many thoughts. Lead me so I don't get lost.If I get lost, along the way, I need your grace, I need your grace."Dedun: My daily prayer is that God should [...]

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Souled Song: Oyege – Frank Edwards

When I bought the Frankincense album by Frank Edwards, I picked out my favorites (Ka Anyi Bulie ft Don Moen, Ayaya and Ebenebe) because I had listened to them before buying the album. Then one day while studying, I just decided to play the full album without skipping and Oyege came up. It's upbeat, I loved the flow and started dancing. Right now, it's my most played song on the album. I think aside from the praise feel, I like that I understand what I'm singing because most of the songs on the album are in Ibo including my favorites lol and I'm a Yoruba girl. Maybe I will ask my [...]

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Souled Song: I Made It – Fantasia

There's something different today on Souled Song. I love Fantasia, right from her win on American Idol, I've been a fan. I patiently waited for her new album, The Definition of.., and I didn't wait in vain. My favorite song on that album is "I Made It" ft Tye Tribbett (Another fav artist of mine). It was released at an awesome time in my life, a week to my final exams and I said it will be my grad song and it sure was. Came home after been declared a Medical Doctor, turned on my speakers and killed the replay button on this song. I hope you like it as much [...]

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Souled Song: I Stand Amazed – Sinach

That is very correct. Souled Song is officially a column on the blog and sits along side Snap Recipes for Friday slot. Either one or both of them will be posted on Fridays. So today, we have a song that is amazeballs. It was one of my go to songs while I was writing my finals. I don't know how I just found out about Sinach (yes I'm stale, I know), she's really amazing and I'm proud she's a Nigerian sister that has gone global. The song is called I stand amazed and you know the drill on how Souled Song works. I write my favorite parts of the lyrics with [...]

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Souled Song: Onise Iyanu – Nathaniel Bassey

I know this is not our scheduled Friday post as usual but you know I said I can be spontaneous with the blog posts. Our regular Friday recipe will resume duties when I have all my ingredients to film one. So on Episode 2 of Souled Song, I have here Nathaniel Bassey - Onise Iyanu ..I found this song when someone tweeted about it and out of curiosity I searched youtube and fell in love with it. It's not a yoruba song. The only Yoruba part is the "Onise Iyanu" which means "Worker of Wonders" . You know how we do. I will quote my favorite lines and tell you the [...]

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Souled Song: Made A Way – Travis Greene

When my friend told me to listen to this song about a month ago, I just said "oh okay" but I thank God I didn't dismiss it because the moment I listened to it, I knew it was a powerful prophesy that I could totally relate with. I even shared it twice on my facebook lol I thought I would get tired of listening to the song but I just go deeper and deeper into it. Anytime I play and actually pay attention while singing along, I feel the spirit move. I kid you not. I enter a spiritual mode of worship that actually bring tears to my eyes, that's how [...]

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