Snap Recipe: Best Fried Rice Recipe!

Yes I can bet my money on this fried rice recipe! Long long ago in a far away land, I didn't like fried rice. I later realized it was because of the unseasoned veggies. The first time I cooked fried rice and seasoned the veggies, I've not looked back on this recipe. So yes people, stock and seasoned veggies are the major keys to a perfect and delicious fried rice! print recipeBest Fried Rice Ever!by Dedun O August-26-2016The name says it all. The underrated sister to JollofIngredients500g RiceStockDiced Liver/Gizzard/Sausages/Chicken Breast Frozen or Fresh Veggies1 Tbsp Veg Oil1 Onions1 Scotch Bonnet (optional)Pinch of SaltExtra Stock for the veggies1 Seasoning CubeBay Leaf (optional)Instructions1. [...]

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Snap Recipe: Akara With Beans Flour

I know most people don't like using beans flour for anything but for me, I have no choice because I don't like the beans they sell here. I've used this recipe for a long time and it's amazeballs. It might not be like the original made with beans from scratch but it's equally delicious. The only new change here is I used a mixer to whisk in air so it can be fluffy. Don't worry, if you don't have an electric mixer, you just have to do some hand work and whisk in air for longer time. Say 10mins? Lol sorry ehn.print recipeAkara with Beans Flourby Dedun O August-19-2016Delicious and still [...]

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Snap Recipe: Mama’s Assorted Peppersoup

I was missing my mum yesterday and craved this Peppersoup so bad. I thought yay today is recipe day so why not share this delicious Peppersoup recipe. I used ripe plantains because I just don't like the taste of unripe plantain. It's easy and not technical at all. Because of the potatoes, it thickens as it cools and you can eat it with rice then or heat it up with more water if you want to drink it as a soup. I ate mine with rice for the first time because that's how my River's friends like having their Peppersoup. It was a good combo though. You should try that too. [...]

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Snap-Recipe: Surf & Turf Okro Soup

Prior to a year ago, I've always had my okro with stew, yoruba style. Then I tried making okro soup at a friend's place and I've been sold for life. This is my favorite way to eat okro now. It even saves money and time for a separate stew. I'm guessing there might be other ways to cook it but this is my way and I hope it turns out great for you. Feel free to comment when you've cooked it using my recipe. xoxprint recipeSurf & Turf Okro Soupby Dedun O August-5-2016Quick and Easy to makeIngredients500g Okro1 Onions1 Bell Peppers2 Scotch Bonnets1 tbsp Palm Oil750ml Water250ml Stock Seasoning Cubes (if [...]

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Snap Recipe: Moin Moin With Beans Flour

Most people run away from using beans flour for MoinMoin but when good quality beans is out of reach, you use the alternative. I've used beans flour for years now and I have no complaints. I usually bake mine but for this recipe, I used the boiling method and sometimes what I miss is the taste that comes with using the traditional leaf method. Other than that, you will achieve a nice MoinMoin with this recipe. Let's get to it.print recipeMoinMoin With Beans Flourby Dedun O July-29-2016Most people don't like using beans flour but this works great for me and it's equally delicious.Ingredients800g Beans flour10 Boiled Eggs200g Smoked Fish and Crayfish2 [...]

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Snap Recipe: Ewa Agonyin Sauce

Since the first time I cooked this sauce, I've not looked back. In fact I'd rather eat my beans mashed than the usual stewed beans. This sauce just draws you in, from the first spoon to the last. Now add dodo to the mix, ooh la la. Let me save you the torture and get right to it. It helps to use the video so you can see the color progress.Videoprint recipeEwa Agonyin Sauceby Dedun O July-22-2016Although traditionally eaten with mashed beans, this dark but delicious sauce can be served with Rice, Noodles, Moinmoin etc The list is endlessIngredients4 Bell Peppers5 Scotch Bonnets4 Onions1 Cup Crayfish350 ml Palm Oil1/2 Tsp Salt1 [...]

Snap Recipe: How To Cook Efo Riro

 Hello everyone. This post is a week late, sorry about that. Better late than never right? Finally sharing a requested recipe. Efo Riro is quite versatile, you can use any vegetable and meat you prefer. For this recipe I used Chicken, Beef, Ponmo and Gizzard. Also, I've been told you can change the pepper ratio and omit the tomatoes completely,  I've not tried that yet because this one works perfectly for me. Anyway, let's cook. Videoprint recipeEfo Riro Soupby Dedun July-17-2016Very easy and delicious. Ingredients Meat3 Tomatoes4 Scotch Bonnets2 Onions4 Bell Peppers650g Green Leaf Vegetable2 Seasoning Cubes1/2 Tsp Salt1/4 Tsp Thyme1/4 Tsp Curry200ml Palm OilInstructions1. Boil the meat and fry or grill. [...]

Snap-Recipe: How To Cook Party Jollof Rice

No Nigerian versus Ghana Jollof wars here people just an easy to follow recipe the way I've watched caterers cook it and how my mum cooks it. The beauty of party Jollof is the smoky taste on your buds and how rich in color it is, served with the biggest stewed beef and a chilled bottle of Malt. Even your belly rumbles in synchrony with the sound of Halleluya! To achieve that smoky flavor you need a pot that's not non stick because non-stick pots are bad belle when it comes to smoky Jollof rice. I can't even explain the result it will give you but yeah, ditch non stick pot [...]

Snap-Recipe: How To Make Chicken Stew

TGIF!! It's friday and it's definitely the day to go grocery shopping, stock up and cook for the coming week. Well, except you are the type that likes to cook as you go. I'm not, I prefer to cook, freeze and only boil rice or make a staple. Sharp sharp food.  Anyway, I hope this recipe gets you to kick start the cooking marathon or at least have stew ready to go in the fridge. I mean, you can have it with anything you like from bread to rice, pasta etc, it's a life saver and all rounder. Dedicating this recipe to someone that orders stew from me almost every week, [...]

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Snap-Recipe: How To Cook Party Egusi Soup

Egusi soup is one of those Nigerian soups that doesn't belong to just one tribe. However, I've noticed that it can be cooked in a lot of ways and this can differ based on the person cooking it or how a tribe cooks it. The choice of protein to accompany it with is endless, from seafood egusi to goat meat  egusi (best one) to plain ol' chicken (I'm sorry chicken). Also, the choice of green vegetable is based on preference and also optional especially for Egusi Ijebu (Hello my Ijebu family). Due to my current location, I can only get spinach and but I prefer to use Ugwu. Today I will [...]

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