He Lost One

He lost oneOne for foe One for allOne with misplaced prioritiesChasing after pleasures and insecuritiesTrying to hide the hurtBut digging the grave for the soul1 feet, Cries2 feet, Despise3 feet, Unwise4 feet, Compromise5 feet, Tranquilize6 feet, VaporizeI sedated myself for too longIgnoring my weakness and saying I'm strongLosing the being and turning to vaporNon-existent and deep in stupor.I mixed with the cloudsAscending, hearing bells aloudNot in control of the soul'Cause I sold it for goldSouled out to the wrong oneWatching him build his armyWhile my life took a turnThey say it's turning pointBut we became a jointA unit.But like the rejected first mouthful of ginSpat on the ground in traditionHe spat [...]

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Guest Post: A Father’s Tale

In retrospect, yesterday was father's day and I loved seeing all the posts from friends celebrating their fathers, it was nice to see that because even though mothers get 3 different days in a year to be celebrated, the special day set aside for fathers wasn't ignored. Some are privileged to have fathers still supporting them while some aren't and some have lost theirs to the hands of death and this reminded me that at the end of the day, we all have one Father in common and He deserves to be celebrated too. God bless all the fathers and may we raise good ones too.  This piece was written by a dear [...]

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Finally I'm posting something after a very long while. Pardon me. Took a break from writing because my other activities didn't give me some space to enter my writing realm. Call it writer's block too. I've written a couple poems though and I'll share one now. Would share the other after I recite it in church. This was a poem I recited at an open mic event that happened in my Uni town last Friday. Enjoy*****Can you see me hurting Blade cuts, airway blocked Still you can't see my physical How then can you see my saddened soul I keep fighting it Struggling with weakness My strength's gone Hair shaved. What [...]

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I kept thinking I could do it on my ownNo need for no man, god, idolI don't care about all that.I've been successful without themCall me Miss independent.I've been built to be aloneCall me Miss forever aloneI aint got time for heart breaksLiving my lifeSo when he came to start preaching about something I don't knowI found that strange, absurd.Does he know who I am?Was?Who is God?Who is He?Came to give me life huh?But I had life without Him.I don't get it.Ok long storyFast forwardI understood who the Father is. Has been.Now how do I find myself?How do I find myself in Him?Without considering my earthly worthMy hard work.What if I [...]

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My Life,Lust and Vanity

Hello beloved Readers, I Hope you've made that plan now...If you haven't please do so NOW. Its very important and I don't want you to forget.Today's post was recited in Church by me a while back and as usual, I forgot to post it here. Was looking through my Journal a few minutes ago and found it. I hope it ministers to someone. Just One person and it's destiny is fulfilled. Enjoy.*****I know what you are doingUndressing himTrying to see through the opaque nine packsYes that's the factStripping down his clothesIn exchange for your soul.After satisfying your hunger and thirstYou are full of dirt and cursed.Snap back into realityAnd listen to me.You [...]

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That Thanksgiving Poem

Troublesome and stubborn heartYeah that's the definition for this piece of God's artHeart always yearning for revengeAlways planning to avengeWhen done wrong.It claimed to be strongBut yet showed weaknessClaimed to be humbleBut yet always fumbled.It has its reasonsWhen you've gone through every seasonOf heartbreak and deceitAlways reaching out to those men that wanted itLittle did it knowThat all they wanted was its redundant growth. RESTWhen it did realize,It decided to change its ways and not compromiseSo it planned the perfect revengeTo shut down and scavengeFor scape goatsThat'll pay the price.Of-course it found themAnd "rubbished" themGot satisfied and dumped them.Turned them into rags.INI didn't realizeThat in my bid for revengeI was just [...]

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What’s next?

He said,"Ma'am I'm sorry but you have cancer.Stage III ovarian cancer"Chemotherapy next?Yes that should be the answerThought that was the end of me.Will I finally be free?Or helped and cagedOnce again?Trapped by the bondsHolding me downEven when I try to abscondWith this diseaseIt won't let me drownBut yet it freezes meIt seized me for a whileThen returned me when it was doneThe painful effects of chemotherapy.So I said,"Well, Doctor it's like thisPrayer's next.Your treatment is making it worse.It's making it more complex,Complicated"I got on my kneesAnd criedTill I got satisfied.Till I was at easeAnd sure that my Father heard me.Because He said to me"My daughter,Your worries are over.Your agonies and pains [...]

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I opened my eyesTrying hard to defeat the power of sleep with mineFinally awake at this late hourStill I rise.Jumped into the shower andOk Let's rewind.I'm not here to tell you about my daily routine.I'm here to let you in on a sceneSo you don't get left behind.You see,There's this issue that been on my mind.It might come as a surpriseBut I'll still share it with you.I'm poor.Poverty strickenNot monetary poornessBut in attitude towards myself and others.This poverty is for realAlways there to steal.It pierces the depths of my soulFrom head to toe.I see people and judge them.That is poverty.I say I'm better than others,That is poverty.I lack the zeal to accommodateI've [...]

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Deepest of Dreams

"I know you inside and out.You are not coldYou are not hotFar better to be either cold or hotYou are stale, You are stagnantYou make me want to vomitYou brag, "I'm rich, I've got it made; I need nothing from anyone"Oblivious that in factYou are a pitiful blind beggarThreadbare and homelessYou are shamelessAnd yet proud of it.You claim you love meYet at timesYou are embarrassed to admit it.That love is bipolarNorth signifying how high and devoted the love can attain.South signifying how you can swim, calmlyIn the ocean of your profane ways.Surprisingly, not so,You know how to balance both at the equator.You portray the good part of youBut you know I see [...]

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Who to Trust?

Who to trust?In a world filled with so much hateWhere people despise you for no just reasonWhere you unconsciously want people to like youWhere you would like to be on "everyone's" good listEven when you know it's far fetchedYou still reach out for itBut all efforts are futileIt's like trying to find the end of a rainbow.Here I am,Trying to trust the oneWho's meant to be my lover my best-friendThe one who supposedly swept me off my feetAnd got me falling head over heels.The one who's shown me everything,Every thing I needed to know.How could I treat him this way.All he's ever asked for,Love and trust,I can't seem to give the latter.But [...]

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