Pep Talk: Core Values

Before I start today's topic, I will like to apologize for my absence. I know y'all see me as superwoman but sometimes I have to drop the cape and accept I can't always multitask. The reason why I was absent was for lack of better word, writer's block. I'm a spontaneous writer and because I was so busy with Dedun's Cakes, I didn't have to time to think of blog content or even sit down to type. I've also started my Msc and that alone with the tests I have to take every week is adding to the stress. Please forgive me if I don't post regularly as I used to [...]

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Pep Talk: Time Management

Self Growth has been a very interesting topic on Pep Talk, albeit a long one. I really hope I've been able to explain what Self Growth is and I will round up with today's post, Time Management. How you manage your time is essential to your growth. You can know how to do every other thing on the Self Growth list, manage your time badly and in the end, no growth is evident. I will outline a few points I practice everyday and I'm not a perfect time manager because procrastination still rears it's head once in a while. That's forgivable and in as much as it pays to be strict with [...]

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Emotional Investments

Do you know that sometimes, the people we "love" can hold us back? I'm sure you'd agree with me when I say that what/who you invest your emotions in can determine how far you grow. Growing up, I've been a bad investor and all my investments brought mostly losses. I saw this picture quote yesterday and it summed it all up for me. It said,"Actually, I just woke up and decided I didn't want to feel that way anymore or ever again, so I changed. Just like that. That was basically what happened to me. I woke up one day, felt miserable, counted how many times I've invested and lost and from [...]

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Building Your Confidence

I was about to round up the Self Growth series with this post when I realized the topic is broader than I thought. I've decided to extend it till I've talked about everything I mentioned in the Intro post. Today we are talking about something quite important and that's Confidence. I previously wrote about Attitude on this same series and I believe Attitude contributes to confidence building. If you read the post, you would notice I mentioned that your Attitude is controlled by your mind, so is Confidence. Your mind controls your entity and if that mindset is easily intimidated and timid, your confidence will also be intimidated in everything you [...]

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Pep Talk: Education Is Part Of Self Growth

It's week 5 on Self Growth and today, the topic is on Education. Education can be either your degree or other means of educating yourself (e.g reading books etc) or both. I will start with the degree type.I've been in a Uni environment for a while now and I've seen people stay redundant in a particular level purely because of their "I don't care" attitude towards school. (I wrote about Attitude last week on Pep Talk, read it and see how your attitude can affect your growth). I'm thinking of the best way to explain this scenario but how will one be able to grow if you are been held back [...]

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Pep Talk: Your Attitude

Another Pep Talk Wednesday is upon us and we are still on the Self Growth Topic. Part of Self Change and Growth is one's attitude towards life and it's happenings. One's attitude projects an outcome. If it's a positive attitude, you'd get a positive outcome and if it's negative, negative outcome. You can't harbor a negative attitude and expect things to work out for good. Negative energy ruins positive energy, they can't thrive in the same environment. What's your attitude towards life? Have you given up and just going with the flow or do you have the "can-do" attitude in any circumstance whatsoever?If you look at the quote above it says [...]

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Pep Talk: Pride (Negative)

Another Pep Talk Wednesday is here! Excited? We are still on Self Growth. Today's topic is on Pride and you are probably wondering what pride has to do with Self Growth right? Think about it this way, will you ever grow if pride is holding you back? Have you heard of the phrase "Pride goes before a fall"? I might not be the best judge of character but I've definitely met proud people, we all have. One thing they have in common is how dismissive they are of whatever you say. Pride stems from the inside and you can imagine how filthy the inside will be if pride is taking the front [...]

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Embrace Your Singleness

I mentioned this point on one of last week's TMNS (here) and promised to create a whole post on it. I wasn't sure if I should've continued the topic on TMNS or write it on Pep Talk instead. Obviously, I'm writing it on Pep Talk now because I feel it is also a good part of our Self Growth session. On this topic, I honestly cannot speak for the male community because I am not one and I don't know how they think but I'm sure some of you can pick a thing or two from this.Embracing your singleness means you've whole heartedly accepted that this single status (acute or chronic) [...]

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Pep Talk: Self Growth

Hey guys, how is your week going? It's a new series on PTWD! Yay to Self Growth. For the next couple of weeks, we will focus on many ways one can grow and improve. As usual, the first post is always like an intro. So let's get into it.What is Self Growth? In a few words, Self growth is moving positively from a current point to a better one. Basically, it's like climbing a ladder and at each stop, enhancing your life in every aspect.What are the aspects you can improve on? Every part of you.Your Personality: Sometimes they say don't change who you are because you are perfect just the [...]

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10 Ways To Make New Friends

I'm rounding up the Friendship series with this post. Now we know how to be better friends and how to spot the ones that won't benefit us in any way. With these FBI skills, let's include How to make new friends.Be open minded: Some people probably have a list of places they'd rather not meet people talk-less of make friends with them.(eg. social media) but I have an old friend I met on Hi5 (That social network that came after BeBo *Tears*) and we are still friends till today. You just never know where you'd meet awesome people. Even the conventional way of meeting people is dying now because it's no [...]

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