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2016, Lessons Learnt!

I didn't have any plan to write any closing post but suddenly felt the need to at the last minute. 2016 has been full of wows and it's shocking how almost everyone I know have similar tales about the year. I remember my early blogging years how I wrote down every thing I was grateful for, for the year but this year, I'm doing things differently and I will write about lessons I learnt in 2016. Before I go into that, I just want to briefly thank God for my successful completion of Medical School, quick enrollment in my dream Msc, My family, and all the miracles and good shocking news [...]

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Dear Nigerian Youth

Dear Nigerian Youth   My rant yesterday about the new rule by the medical board in Nigeria is unfortunately not going to be the first or last of many, I know that and we know that. What are we doing as youths to stop these long and painful rants we make every single day living in our dear country, Nigeria. Fellow youths say the injustice is justified because it is our fault. When do we stop the blame game and act like we should?   Why have we joined the band wagon to do wrong because that’s the norm the older generations have placed on us? We’ve made money the ultimate [...]

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Is It Really December?

I didn't realize it's December and it doesn't help that the atmosphere says otherwise. Everywhere was so dull today I couldn't tell that the Holiday season is upon us. Even the harmattan season has refused to show face, ahaha! Harmattan is also in 'recession' I guess. Eleven months gone by and I remember vividly how we were complaining about January been so slow and filled with drama not knowing it will run by quickly like every other year does. We (Nigerians) were optimistic that things will get better at least in the last quarter of the year but it's 1000% opposite and I really don't know how we stay positive in [...]

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The Dream I Never Had

I had a plan for 2016. Graduate in September, look for a Masters program to start by September/October as a means to stay busy while I process my job applications to the country I plan to move to, travel to a new country/city once a month, do better with my businesses, get better with my spiritual life before the end of the year and finally, grow with my partner. That was the plan until 2016 started to unfold in a different way. The first half was a rollercoaster, things got extremely shaky and I didn't know then, that it was in preparation for the second half. Half of my plans went [...]

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Souled Song: Thank You For Being God – Travis Greene

I remember when I came across the amazing artist, Travis Greene, I was blown away by the depth of the song I heard, Made A Way - Travis Greene that I had to download his album. I've been glued to that album ever since and is definitely a top one in my playlist. Today, I will be sharing another amazing song by him, Thank you for being God. It's a pretty simple song with repetitive lyrics but the message is that we thank God for His mighty unchangeable ways. "You're too big for errorsYou're too wise for mistakesYou are a mighty GodPerfect in all your ways.You were here before my first breath,And you'll be [...]

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Pep Talk: Core Values

Before I start today's topic, I will like to apologize for my absence. I know y'all see me as superwoman but sometimes I have to drop the cape and accept I can't always multitask. The reason why I was absent was for lack of better word, writer's block. I'm a spontaneous writer and because I was so busy with Dedun's Cakes, I didn't have to time to think of blog content or even sit down to type. I've also started my Msc and that alone with the tests I have to take every week is adding to the stress. Please forgive me if I don't post regularly as I used to [...]

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Souled song: Tim’ba – Tosin Martins

Hi people. How have you been? No really, step back for a moment and think about it. I do hope you've been doing well and you have every reason to smile. This post is a short one. Have you heard this song by Tosin Martins? Here's a listen. This is a song of gratitude. It captures (to an extent) my words at the moment. Another song that does that is Onise Iyanu (Dedun featured it here), in fact the mix of that song and You are God (done here). I hope you enjoy the song just like I do. Have yourself an amazing weekend. Jesus joy, Dew (I apologise on Dedun's behalf for [...]

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Souled Song: In Your Presence – Jesus Culture

This afternoon I was in need of worship songs, my spirit man was a bit down and I needed something to uplift me. I've been home all day and could have posted this ages ago but aside from not knowing the song to write about, I just was not in the mood. I was supposed to be at the last day of a conference, ELC, but I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Anyway, so I remembered this song, it was my go to song back in June when I started the marathon to get closer to God. Then I got to watch Jesus Culture live and [...]

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All A Man Wants For Christmas: Chapter 4

You can read Chapter One, Two and Three "…you’re the embodiment of that world. You love it, it’s food and drink to you, it’s your whole life.  (he again made a movement to speak and was stopped by her raised hand) "But that’s only part of why I have to leave. You’re surrounded by women who see you as the means to get into the business. Beautiful women – talented, young, ambitious… and we’ve laughed in the past at what some of them will do to get your attention. I’ve been there when you’ve been blatantlypropositioned. I know how far some of them will go. I didn’t like it then and I still don't like it."(she was trembling and took a sip [...]

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TMNS: Envy

This TMNS topic was originally planned for last Saturday. My devotional was talking about envy and when I got on Instagram, I also saw a few posts about envy and I figured those were signs for me to talk about envy on the blog until my internet data decided to have a mind of it's own and ruined my parade. Back to the topic of discussion for the day, let's dissect Envy. I remember when I was younger, I had this book titled "Seven Deadly Sins". I can't remember the content fully but Envy, a.k.a covetousness, was one of the deadly sins. Envy can be a result of yearning for other's possessions [...]

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