Dr Oluwo Adedunmola, popularly known as Dr Dedun, is a Medical Doctor and Entrepreneur (a.k.a The Doctorpreneur) During her Medical School years, she took a path less travelled by and delved into the world of Entrepreneurship with little or no experience. She became the poster child for Student Entrepreneurship after successfully running not only one but four separate business entities.This led her to be nominated for the Future Awards Headline Category, “PERSON OF THE YEAR”. This was no easy feat, as told in the coming paragraphs.

Her first business, Hair by Dedun, started out of sheer curiosity for hairstyling and it eventually picked up and she became a major hairstylist for most students in her University town of Debrecen in Hungary. With her never-ending energy and drive, she decided to learn how to bake, during her idle times, from the many resources available on the internet and months later, thanks to a friend, she got her first order and business officially started for her second venture, Dedun’s Cakes. She has reiterated many times how her love for baking will never die.

From her childhood years, she has always loved the kitchen and been a helping hand to her Mother. Paying attention and asking questions while her Mother cooked helped develop her culinary skills fastly. In little or no time, she took over the kitchen duties and became the chef in her household. 

These additional skills came to good use when she left her family behind and moved to a new country, alone, for studies. Her love for Nigerian food made her flat the go-to-place for her dear friends for nostalgic cuisine. True to her business acumen, she saw an opportunity for Nigerian food catering and decided to cater to the Nigerian students. With the need to give this new business a name, she officially named it Dedun Cooks and it became her third business. 

During her final year Internship in Malta, bored from not running any of her businesses, she invested her play time into Make Up Youtube videos and developed an interest in the business of Make Up Artistry. Thanks to her friends/colleagues that volunteered to be muses, she put her hands to good use and beautified their faces. She posted those pictures on social media and the positive feedback gave her drive another push to delve into the Beauty space. 

She decided to enrol in an online Makeup School to get certified as a Make-Up artist and her plans came to life when she finally wrote the exam and became a Certified Make-Up Artist. After this came the need to start her fourth business, Belle Artistry by Dedun, a beauty focused business. 

Dr Dedun is also a Motivational Speaker and Writer, aiming to use her voice to develop the drive in the millennial generation as well as the younger ones, to achieve the unachievable by harnessing your immediate environment. After successfully executing her very first Empowerment series infused with African cuisine, called Power Lunch and Workshop, she saw the need to empower others and decided to create her own Mentorship Platform as a means to pass her knowledge down to everyone she inspires.  

Join her on this journey as the new Generation of Kings and Queens take on the world and make it stronger!

Welcome to her mini world, drdedun.com