I didn’t realize it’s December and it doesn’t help that the atmosphere says otherwise. Everywhere was so dull today I couldn’t tell that the Holiday season is upon us. Even the harmattan season has refused to show face, ahaha! Harmattan is also in ‘recession’ I guess. Eleven months gone by and I remember vividly how we were complaining about January been so slow and filled with drama not knowing it will run by quickly like every other year does. We (Nigerians) were optimistic that things will get better at least in the last quarter of the year but it’s 1000% opposite and I really don’t know how we stay positive in these bad times. Everyone is suffering and smiling as per, as expected right? It’s amazing how much we can take as a nation, heavy blows in every direction, yet still standing or are we?
Wait, my plan wasn’t to talk about Nigeria’s dwindling economy but to wish you all a fab December. Stay Up!, regardless of any situation you are facing and have set goals for 2017! It’s not too early to start thinking ahead. What we want to achieve in 2017 must happen by God’s grace even though in 2016, from social media, most people had a dull year. While looking forward to 2017, don’t let the last month just pass by, idly. Thirty days left in the year, turn it around and end on the best note. I have a lot planned for this month alone and I’m really praying I fulfill all, on time too. I intend to end 2016 on a greater note than it intended for me, you should too. Have an awesome month lovely readers.
Ho ho ho!
Santa Dedun :*