Dear Nigerian Youth
My rant yesterday about the new rule by the medical board in Nigeria is unfortunately not going to be the first or last of many, I know that and we know that. What are we doing as youths to stop these long and painful rants we make every single day living in our dear country, Nigeria. Fellow youths say the injustice is justified because it is our fault. When do we stop the blame game and act like we should?
Why have we joined the band wagon to do wrong because that’s the norm the older generations have placed on us? We’ve made money the ultimate goal forgetting that we are nothing without our sanity. How can you choose to sacrifice your sanity for money? Looking for quick and illegal means to make money will lead you absolutely no where. It can be a quick fix for that moment but you will crave more and it will be a vicious cycle. It’s like trying to fix a broken fence with a glue, it will never hold it down. That quick money will never hold you down till you are old and grey. Will you be fulfilled, as a parent, if your children follow in your foot steps? 
We are supposed to be the leaders of now! but sadly we are so financially irresponsible to the extent that everything is a competition between us. It’s about who has the finest things, house, car, job, partner. We need to get up and question our acts. Nobody, I repeat, nobody is responsible for you except you. You are the government, you are the people. Everything starts with you and if you, as a contributor to this nation, is rotten, so will the nation. Forging certificates, letters, employment etc is all part of the fraudulent acts that is regressing the nation. We have gotten to the stage where we are being flogged everyday and we have developed a resistance against it only to become worse than we were. Our problems are deeply rooted and no amount of flogging will change that.
We don’t trust them and we don’t trust ourselves. How then do we move our nation away from the injustice we face everyday. Priorities have changed and our dear government will rather place ridiculous and unnecessary rules down instead of fixing the educational system that will help control the rebels in us. They’ve neglected people dying recklessly due to bad roads, bad health system but are interested in increasing tariffs and taxes to steal money for their pockets from fellow people already struggling to make ends meet due to their negligence. 
Youths are vastly unemployed and even those with jobs have to thread carefully and look in every direction so they don’t lose their jobs on their way to work or before they sit in their rotating chairs. Governors are concerned about demolishing buildings that were constructed with tears and hard earned money to create 10 lane roads in a town that doesn’t even need six lanes, just out of sheer greediness and pettiness to people that didn’t support their political ambitions. 
We are supposed to be the government but yet we sit down and curse under our breaths instead of speaking out and take a stand against them as one, united for the aim of a greater Nigeria. Politics is now a taboo for the youth. Those who cherish their sanity run away from it like a plague. We are being ruled by a generation that should be on their resting beds, retired and enjoying their years of hard work while they watch their grandchildren play in the sand. The spirituality involved in politics is another reason why we youths should not take for granted our spiritual lives as we need it to be very strong to push our nation forward. 
We have been equipped with strength they don’t have to break down the walls stopping Nigeria from moving forward. The problem now is we have to work on our greed and selfishness so that when it’s time to push, we won’t just rest our backs on the wall and watch as others labor to bring the wall down. We have to be proactive and it starts now. 
#TheWallMustFall #SayNoToInjustice #BeAVoice #BeHeard
I am Dr Oluwo Adedunmola and I’m a tired Nigerian Youth. I am tired of hearing the same sad story, I am tired of all the systems not working in a nation as big as Nigeria. I am tired of people dying and Doctors are scared to treat because they already know the system can’t give appropriate treatment. I am tired of seeing kids hawking on the streets instead of staying in school to learn how to be better people for themselves and the nation. I am tired of seeing Nigerians do great in other countries but get cut down to miniature size once they get to Nigeria. I am tired of thinking of my run away options to countries I can thrive better in. I am tired of everyone telling me never to come back to Nigeria because I will not be appreciated. I am tired of getting my dreams for Nigeria get cut off because of the bad systems. I am tired of the dishonesty we exhibit as a nation. I am tired of being told Nigerians are fraudulent. I am tired of seeing the youths chase after selfish money instead of thinking of innovative ways to make Nigeria better. I am tired of telling the same story to my non-Nigerian Colleagues and friends on why Nigeria is this way. I am tired of the sheer negligence the people in power have over their fellow citizens. I am tired of reading the news because as predicted, no good news will be told. I am tired of waiting for something good to happen eventually. I’ve been waiting since 1999 for Water cooperation to restore water supply in my house. I’ve been waiting since  2010 for the Constant Electricity supply we were promised. I’ve been waiting for the year there will not be any educational strike in the system. I am tired of waiting for the basic necessities to be given to our people. I am tired of waking up to a new bizarre rule being placed on us as if we are nothing but mere space occupants in a nation we were born in. I am just tired and too tired to keep quiet for the fear of being shut down. I am tired and today, I speak out!