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DR. OLUMO ADEDUNMOLA, Nominee, The Future Awards Prize for Young Person of the Year

The journey to being The Doctorpreneur extraordinaire

The Mentorship Program

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Empowerment is a collective process. Get mentored by bright minds and be a part of the game changers.



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Get up to date life nuggets and experience tales from Dr Dedun. The blog, Truth Be Told, is exactly that. Only truths allowed.


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The Dream

To create an empire that recognizes talents/skills and develops individuals to be great builders of the society.

A part of the dream is The Mentorship Program by Dr Dedun that has been put in place to nurture young minds and guide them on any good path they have chosen.

The Entrepreneurial aspect of the Dream is in form of the Web Shop to cater amazing products that in the long run, will employ talents to keep the dream alive.

The Professional aspect is to be a great contributor and change agent to the health system both home and abroad.

Be Inspired and take a stand to make the world a better place.

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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